Richard Gasquet Tries His Hand At French Open

Richard Gasquet was a home favorite this time in the French Open. When Andy Murray reached the semi finals he was up against Richard Gasquet.

The latter definitely had a home ground advantage in this game. Murray was kept down by Richard in the first set. The second round also saw him slip up which saw Richard in a superior position. However, Richard was unable to hold onto the advantage he gained.

Gasquet is facing Andy Murray several times by now. His records are improving against Murray, who is the British number one player right now. Richard as a Frenchman did have an advantage in the French Open though he was not able to hold it to the end. There was a tie break where Richard had obtained an opportunity, though he was unable to hold onto it. For him, having reached the quarterfinals by itself was a feat that was unique to him in the prestigious Roland Garros venue of the French Open. Read more »

Richard Gasquet isn’t anywhere close to the other three players

Richard Gasquet isn’t anywhere close to the other three players that have reached the Wimbledon semi finals this year along with him and he shows no reluctance in admitting it, but, he believes he can create an upset in the Round of 4 and reach the title round at All England Club.

Novak Djokovic is going to be Gasquet’s opponent in the first semi final and given the Serb’s form in the Slams this season, it’s needless to say that it should be a walk in the park for him.

But, Gasquet is not horrified by who his opponent is.

Ahead of the game, the Frenchman was quoted as saying, “Everybody is backing Novak and that’s obvious, but, as far as I am concerned, I will have to tell myself that I am good enough to beat him. If I don’t think like that, there is no point for me to step on the court.”

When asked how it feels to be in the Wimbledon semis along with some of the greats of the game, Gasquet said, “It’s a proud feeling to be honest. All three of them are far better than me and I have nothing to lose. I will enjoy myself and will try as hard as I can.” Read more »

Richard Gasquet got distracted big time during his match at Roland Garros

Richard Gasquet got distracted big time during his match at Roland Garros versus Carlos Berlocq of Argentina on Thursday.

A unique sort of incident happened as the flying camera which was taking the shots of the match from up and over somehow got in contact with a bird which was passing the court and smashed its feathers.

It created real chaos out there.

Gasquet actually misread the situation a little bit. He initially thought he was being attacked by the group of birds, but, later, he understood everything.

The Frenchman was, however, still looking frightened even in the post match press conference.

Speaking to the reporters, he said, “It was really a weird thing. There were feathers everywhere, nobody could figure out what was going on. The crowd was stunned.”

“I went to one of the officials to ask. I hadn’t seen something of this type ever in my life. So, I was shaken.”

“These birds tend to attack too at times. So, I had that thing in my mind when I saw it in the first look.”

The good thing, however, was that the incident did not result in the death of the bird.

The bird, which was a pigeon perhaps, got freed from the camera somehow and flew away.

When told about that, Gasquet took a sigh of relief.

“It’s quite unbelievable. I thought the bird was gone, dead.” said the world no. 21. Read more »

David Ferrer’s journey on the professional tour

If you have followed David Ferrer’s journey on the professional tour in the last one and half decades, you can’t help, but, to think that it could and should have been a more illustrious career than it has turned out to be so far.

Of course, Ferrer is unlucky to be playing in the era of some of the legends of the game.

Also, he is not the tallest guy around in the circuit. He is decently tall yes, but, a couple of more inches would not have done him any harm at all.

Ideally, you want yourself to be somewhere around 6 feet if you have to play lawn tennis. All the top quality players in the world today are there and thereabouts.

Height plays a key role in tennis. It helps you so much in terms of your serve and that’s why, it has often been seen that the tall players have that added advantage which makes them flourish especially on quick surfaces.

Ferrer does not have that luxury, but, still, the kind of skills he has, one would have expected him to have at least one Grand Slam to his name by now. Read more »

Richard Gasquet sounds Ambitious for Australian Open

Richard Gasquet was sounding quite ambitious ahead of the Australian Open. He was condemnable about those tragic incidents that happened back home in France and he had said that he wanted to play for all those people who were feeling absolutely terrible because of the loss of their loved ones.

He was determined to win the tournament, but, unfortunately, his journey to the glory was stopped yesterday in Round 3 as Kevin Anderson, the South African, player beat him to knock him out of the tournament.

However, it was not that straight forward a win for Anderson. It might have come in straight sets, but, he had to fight really hard for it. It was the tie breaker by virtue of which the outcome of the last two sets came. It was not a thrashing as generally straight set defeats happen to be. However, that would not reduce Gasquet’s disappointment. A defeat is a defeat no matter how hard you fought. Read more »

Venus Williams making a come back

Venus Williams will again be taking part in the ASB Classic Tennis tournament down under. She was there this year as well and she had a great time as she managed to get to the title round.

The veteran American could not lift the trophy though as she was beaten at the hands of the Serbia international Ana Ivanovic.

Earlier today, in a press conference, Mr. Karl Budge, the head of the organizing committee of the event, made the announcement of Venus signing up again.

Speaking there, Budge said, “We don’t generally have great players coming and participating in this tournament even for once and here we have one coming for the second consecutive time.”

“We are very grateful to Venus for this. She liked the tournament last year, the atmosphere, the facilities everything and that’s why she has decided to be back. It’s really exciting for us as well for the fans here in New Zealand.”

Venus has had a pretty good 2014. She has been in the finals a few times and she even beat her younger sister and the second ranked player in the world Serena Williams in Canada. She has got herself back into the top 20 in the world rankings.

She has silverware to her name as well in the season. She avenged that Auckland loss versus Ivanovic in the United Arab Emirates where she became the winner of Dubai Duty Free tennis Championships by defeating the Serb in the final to take her singles’ trophy count to 45.

The previous season, Venus had got herself going in the Auckland tournament only. In 2015 too, she would like to have a good run there and start things with a flourish. Her aim would definitely be to get close to top 10 by the end of next year.