David Ferrer’s journey on the professional tour

If you have followed David Ferrer’s journey on the professional tour in the last one and half decades, you can’t help, but, to think that it could and should have been a more illustrious career than it has turned out to be so far.

Of course, Ferrer is unlucky to be playing in the era of some of the legends of the game.

Also, he is not the tallest guy around in the circuit. He is decently tall yes, but, a couple of more inches would not have done him any harm at all.

Ideally, you want yourself to be somewhere around 6 feet if you have to play lawn tennis. All the top quality players in the world today are there and thereabouts.

Height plays a key role in tennis. It helps you so much in terms of your serve and that’s why, it has often been seen that the tall players have that added advantage which makes them flourish especially on quick surfaces.

Ferrer does not have that luxury, but, still, the kind of skills he has, one would have expected him to have at least one Grand Slam to his name by now.

The 32-year old has arguably been the most efficient returner in the game in the recent times. He is blessed with tremendous speed as well and his stamina is second to none. He would run on the court all day without showing any signs of exhaustion. Very rarely does he blink first in a marathon contest. He can be so sharp and quick at times that he has been fondly given the name ‘The Shark.’

But, somehow he has always happened to be a failure in Slams. At the age of 32, one would think that his time has gone.

But, the Spaniard is a fighter and people should not be surprised if he manages to pip any of the big four for a Slam title in the near future.