The Sony Ericsson tournament has been quite a hit for Richard Gasquet who has put up quite a decent performance especially in the last few matches. He started off on a great note with the second round ending in a victory stint against Stebe. This victory led him to the third round against Ramos. He has been practicing a lot and this can be best seen with the performance in these matches. His winning of all the 3 sets with a score of 6-3, 6-2 has gone on to show that he has a great hold over the court and can improve in the years to come.

However once he entered into the third round with Ramos, his performance never deteriorated and he kept up to the same pace. There was consistency which could be seen as he won 2 of the three sets. This performance made him move on to the fourth round against Novak Djokovic.

Playing against Novak is what one can call tough competition and Richard Gasquet went thoroughly prepared. However even after putting up a brilliant performance he lost both the first two sets of the game and eventually lost the entire game. This has marked the end of the tournament and even the winning spree for Richard Gasquet.

However there is nothing to worry about. New tournaments keep coming up and he has not given up hope. He mentioned in the post match discussion saying that he plans to improve on his weak areas which he could figure out from today’s match and shall build up on them so that he can perform better in the tournaments to come.  Richard Gasquet has put up a great show in the previous tournaments he has participated in and has always shown a keen interest to learn and improve.