Fabio Fognini has been fined the sum of $24,000 for his unsportsmanlike conduct at the US Open, according to reports.

The Italian violated three conduct violations as he lost in the first round of the tournament. He was fined $15,000, $5,000 and $4,000 for the three violations by the US Open.

The 22-seed lost to his compatriot Stefano Travaglia 6-4, 7-6 (8), 3-6, 6-0. He insulted a female chair umpire that received widespread condemnations from fellow players, coaches and fans.

Fognini is known to be unsportsmanlike at times. He was fined $27,500 by Wimbledon back in 2014 for his outbursts even though he won the game.There are reports by some writers that Fognini called the umpire a “co*ksuckingwh*re.”

Many claim they expected the fines to be harsher when Australian star Nick Kyrgios was fined $16,500 and banned for eight weeks in 2016. He was also ordered to see a sports psychologist for similar on-court actions. The then 21-year old patted the ball over the net many times and he was walking to the chair before MischalZverev serve landed. He also argued with a fan and violated the code.

In 2015, he was banned for 28 days and fined $25,000 for his lewd comments about Stan Wawrinka’s girlfriend during a Rogers Cup game. He has been criticized for his action at Wimbledon and the US Open. Kyrgios also had a row with the Australian Olympic Committee hence backing out from Rio 2016.

All these happenings mean stricter actions are expected when tennis stars fall out of line. Counselling and suspension were not included in Fognini’ssentence and there is a possibility that he would fall out of line soon.