Li Na Believes Age Helps

Li Na doesn’t agree to those people who believe that the players who are more than 30 years of age can’t keep winning top tournaments regularly. According to the former French Open Champion, age actually helps people become a better player. As older you get, that much more experience you gain and thus, you can control your potential much better.

Talking to a magazine a couple of days back, Li said, “A lot of people think that the performance of a player gets deteriorated as he/she crosses 30 years of age, but, that, according to me, is not true at all. If anything, increasing age actually helps you take your performance up to another level because with the age, you become more and more experienced.”

Li is presently 32 year old. She had turned professional way back in 1999. In the earlier years of her career, she couldn’t achieve that much success, but, after growing older and getting close to 30, she started lifting trophies on a regular basis. In the last 3 years, she has won a couple of slam singles title. So, in her case, the increment in the age has been beneficial and thus, there is a point in what she is saying.

And, it’s not only Li who has become better after getting older. Serena Williams’ case has been the same. She has also gone from strength to strength with each passing year and currently, at about 32, she is an absolute legend.

In this year’s French Open though, Li’s performance was very, very ordinary as she lost her very first match in the tournament. That was highly unexpected after her glory in Australia earlier in the year. She would be eager to make a grand comeback in Wimbledon.