Richard Gasquet sounds Ambitious for Australian Open

Richard Gasquet was sounding quite ambitious ahead of the Australian Open. He was condemnable about those tragic incidents that happened back home in France and he had said that he wanted to play for all those people who were feeling absolutely terrible because of the loss of their loved ones.

He was determined to win the tournament, but, unfortunately, his journey to the glory was stopped yesterday in Round 3 as Kevin Anderson, the South African, player beat him to knock him out of the tournament.

However, it was not that straight forward a win for Anderson. It might have come in straight sets, but, he had to fight really hard for it. It was the tie breaker by virtue of which the outcome of the last two sets came. It was not a thrashing as generally straight set defeats happen to be. However, that would not reduce Gasquet’s disappointment. A defeat is a defeat no matter how hard you fought.

Gasquet would be more disappointed about the opportunities that he lost in the third set. He had two break points there. If he had converted one of that, it would have led to an opening and the tables could have turned around. But, that did not happen and the credit goes to Anderson for that. He seized the moment.

The next challenge is going to be one of the most difficult ones for Anderson as waiting for him in the Round of 16 is none other than Rafael Nadal who might not seem to be in that good a form at this point of time, but, still, you don’t want to face him at any stage because if it happens to be his day, you have no chance.

Anderson would be quietly confident though with this win over Gasquet.