Richard Gasquet Tries His Hand At French Open

Richard Gasquet was a home favorite this time in the French Open. When Andy Murray reached the semi finals he was up against Richard Gasquet.

The latter definitely had a home ground advantage in this game. Murray was kept down by Richard in the first set. The second round also saw him slip up which saw Richard in a superior position. However, Richard was unable to hold onto the advantage he gained.

Gasquet is facing Andy Murray several times by now. His records are improving against Murray, who is the British number one player right now. Richard as a Frenchman did have an advantage in the French Open though he was not able to hold it to the end. There was a tie break where Richard had obtained an opportunity, though he was unable to hold onto it. For him, having reached the quarterfinals by itself was a feat that was unique to him in the prestigious Roland Garros venue of the French Open.

In the quarter finals the Briton was able to get a lead on Richard with a score of 5-2. However, he was able to run through a total of five games. Murray also ended up in a tie break position after that. Gasquet raised the hopes of his fans in this position. Many hoped that the strategies that Tannic Noah had used in 1983 would be used by him to secure a win. However, Gasquet was unable to hold onto the advantage. Both the players were facing bad weather against which they played and volleyed the ball back and forth. This added to the hurdles for both players. For Richard it was grueling indeed and it is hoped that next time he would be able to endure such a battle and move ahead.