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Gasquet beats Almagro

The French tennis player, Richard Gasquet, has defeated Nicolas Almagro in the third round of the Wimbledon Championship 2012. Richard won the match comfortably in the straight sets 6-3 6-4 6-4. Richard was given the 18th seed in the tournament while Almagro was given 12th seed. So, a win against a better seeded player would definitely boost the confidence of Richard Gasquet. On being asked about the match, Richard said that he got some umpiring decisions in his favour which helped him to win the first set. He said that those umpiring decisions disturbed Almagro a lot.

As per Richard, Almagro seemed to be going well in the first set, but his rhythm got broken after those umpiring decisions. Richard said that sometimes, when you work hard but you don’t get a point due to a bad umpiring decision, you get frustrated and it affects your further performance in the match. Richard said that it was his day and he got the decisions in his favour. According to Richard, the court had a bit of moisture in it and had got a bit of pace. The wind was also disturbing a lot. The conditions were not easy to play tennis. But, he tried to give his best and fortunately, ended up winning the match.

In the Wimbledon Championship last year, Richard Gasquet had to defeat Andy Murray to go to the quarter finals. But, the young British sensation was too much for Richard. He was defeated by Murray in the straight sets i.e. 7-6 6-3 6-2. But, Richard is pretty hopeful about his chances this year. Richard has to play against Florian Mayer of Germany in the fourth round. He said that he would try his best against Mayer and hopefully he would be able to register a place in the quarterfinals this time around.